Security Consulting Companies

Shepherd Mountain Security’s Fractional Management Program benefits companies from the career knowledge, expertise, and experience of seasoned security professionals at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent full-time employee.

We deliver these services by means of a customized, fit-to-purpose and tailored business plan.  We offer these services on an affordable pay-as-you go or subscription basis.

Contact Shepherd Mountain Security today to see how our professionals can help you safeguard your company assets.

Whatever your situation or challenges you face, we have solutions.

Services provided include:

  • Risk Management: Threat Analysis & Vulnerability Assessments
  • Master Security Plan Development
  • Security Policies & Procedures Development
  • Security Systems Evaluations
  • Vendor Audits and Evaluations
  • Audit & Compliance Preparation
  • Safety & Security Awareness Training
  • Impartial Investigations


Flexible Arrangements From Results Driven Professionals