Security services offered include:

  • Risk Management: Threat Analysis & Vulnerability Assessments
  • Security Master Plan Development
  • Security Policies & Procedures Development
  • Security Systems Evaluations
  • Vendor Audits & Evaluations
  • Audit & Compliance Preparation
  • Safety & Security Awareness Training

Protecting Your Valuable Assets

Security Consulting Companies

Security consulting

All organizations face a certain amount of risk due to intentional or unintentional threats.  These threats have the potential of direct and indirect consequences on the organization's activities, assets, and operations.  The challenge is to determine how much risk is acceptable, and how to cost-effectively manage unacceptable risk while meeting the organization's strategic and operational objectives.

Shepherd Mountain offers a wide range of customized security solutions--all designed to identify, apply, and manage countermeasures to prevent and mitigate risks that have the potential to harm your organization's assets - people, property, information and reputation.  

Whatever your situation or challenges you face, we have solutions.